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Whenever I use chere's "Bash Prompt Here", the bash prompt runs in Window's cmd.exe. Is there a way to have it directly run mintty in the directory, instead of just cmd.exe with bash?

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make a new shortcut to mintty.exe and put

C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -e /path/to/chere

as target in it

an not sure what chere is, please give us a link..

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chere is a package that you can get in cygwin that adds an option to run cygwin in a certain path with an entry in windows explorer's context menu – ethanwu10 Mar 15 '14 at 19:23
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Apparently chere has an option to specify which terminal to use, with the -t option For example, to use mintty, run

chere -i -t mintty
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