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I just asked my brother, who's in the US to buy me a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium Family pack. It's gonna take a while to mail the package to me here in Hong Kong. So, I just asked him to email the key to me. Is there any way to download the DVD ISO somewhere? I heard pre-orders online can get it this way. Will I be able to download the ISO as well?

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See Windows 7 ISO x86 and x64 Official Direct Download Links (Ultimate, Professional and Home Premium).

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Perfect thanks! – krebstar Nov 22 '09 at 9:56
Links don't seem to work :S – krebstar Nov 22 '09 at 10:10
Just tried again, and they work fine. – harrymc Nov 22 '09 at 10:18
Do they need me to be a member or something? – krebstar Nov 22 '09 at 14:35
I just tried it in a virtual machine, and it still worked. Which link is not working and why? – harrymc Nov 22 '09 at 14:54

You are only able to get ISOs if you purchased online. If you purchased a boxed copy, you have to wait for it to arrive.

I can not 100% guarantee it will work, but, if you have a Technet or MSDN subscription, you can download that media then use your new serial key.

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Thanks, I suspected as much.. Unfortunately I don't have a Technet or MSDN subscription, so that's out.. :( – krebstar Nov 20 '09 at 5:29

Ask your brother to make the dvds into ISO and just upload them online for you to download.

  1. software to make ISO: ImgBurn
  2. Transfer File: Fileai (No Size limit) or DepositFiles (2GB limit)
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Thanks, unfortunately my brother is just visiting in the US and his computer doesn't have an optical drive.. So that's out.. Thanks anyway :) – krebstar Nov 20 '09 at 5:30

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