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I have a voltage regulator and UPS battery backup. Putting the voltage regulator first and then the UPS or the UPS and then voltage regulator both work, but what is best?

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Most of UPS devices have voltage regulators already integrated. Since you didn't mention which UPS you have, I cannot be certain of this, but I would take a wild guess that yours has it also.

Cheaper voltage regulators are usually worse at their job than UPS is so I would recommend putting it in front of UPS. That way it will make voltage spikes little bit smoother for UPS to handle and make it's life easier.

I recommend this since you already have voltage regulator and I see no drawback in using it that way. Personally, I just plug-in UPS and rely on it's internal voltage regulator.

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Also, if the voltage regulator fails, you can replace it while the devices are still running off the UPS. – David Schmitt Nov 20 '09 at 9:13

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