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Recently I had to change my OS and I reinstalled Windows 8, now I have a graphic issue! My laptop has 2 graphic cards:

  1. Intel 3000 HD (Onboard)
  2. GeForce nVidia 610M

but now after changing Windows, my lap top absolutely doesn't use Geforce graphic card !
the quality of movies are awful, I can't play any games and .... !
I've updated all the drivers but still the same story !
Still the main graphic card is the integrated one. How can I switch it to nVidia card ??
And also I tried the "high performance..." from nVidia Control Panel, but still the same!
I know about Optimus Technology and etc, but my laptop absolutely doesn't use Geforce graphic card !


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We have an ASUS laptop too and it will only used the NVidia graphics adapter when it is plugged into power. Does the NVidia adapter show up in the Device Manager? –  MikeAWood Mar 17 at 4:34
You can try disabling the onboard adapter in Device Manager to force it to use the nVidia –  exantas Mar 17 at 9:34
maybe you have installed a wrong driver. does your laptop have esupport? or try downloading it from asus.com –  Smile Jul 18 at 19:34

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it does not make any sense to diable the onboard adapter in the device manager. better solution is to assign your program a graphics-profile (Advanced Graphic Configuration e.g. ATI <--> Catalyst)

With a right mouse click on your desktop you may enter the menu via "switching gpu to save power"

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