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Going to develop a video site as a subdomain. Which is a better option.

  • videos.example.com or
  • video.example.com

I will further go for subdomains like images/image, answers/answer, download/downloads, game/games etc, want these names to be consistent like all plural or all singular.

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Are there going to be more than one video? –  CLockeWork Mar 17 at 9:05
Yes like a video site like youtube –  XIMRX Mar 17 at 9:06
Then videos would be the most sensible choice, as it's plural –  CLockeWork Mar 17 at 9:19
Videos is plural. So use this if you intend on having more than one video. –  Matthew Williams Mar 17 at 9:49
Who cares? Flip a coin. –  Kevin Panko Mar 17 at 14:49