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What are the best free(ware?) PC performance benchmarking options out there?

Can anyone tell me some benchmark software for Windows? I'm using PassMark PerformanceTest & PCMark. I'm also looking for a stress software.

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Some of the software I use include 3D Mark 06, SuperPI, wPrime, SiSoft Sandra

For stress testing, OCCT, Orthos & Prime95 are good choices.

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besides passmark and pcmark, i'm using GeekBench for processor benchmarking, ATTO Disk Benchmark for hard drive and SSD performance checks.

if you need a stress tester, get Intel BurnTest.

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I like SiSoft Sandra because there is some reference scores included for comparing hardware. Of course you should realize that those reference scores were probably collected on a totally different system than yours, but it is good for getting a rough idea of performance differences if you are thinking about an upgrade.

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on linux it is phoronix test suite. It makes a lot of different workloads available and there is also a life CD image

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My Weapon of Choice is IOMETER. It is used to test the HDD at the Block Level.

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