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I have three Windows environments in which I run Outlook. In only one I end up with this thing I've arbitrarily called the "email action bar". I don't know what is it actually called. I'd upload a picture, but I don't have sufficient reputation. So, let me describe it as best I can.

It is a set of seven icons to the left of the reading pane. The first is the delete "x", the second is the move icon, the third is the flag icon. I want these to appear on the email when I hover, not to the right of the reading pane. I don't have it in any of my other setups. What is going on?

How do I get rid of this?

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You need to go into "mouse mode" rather than "touch mode". You may see the option to toggle between these modes in your Quick Access Toolbar. If it is not there, you can add it from the drop-down list at the end of the tool bar. Once you are in mouse mode, the "email action bar" will disappear.

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