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I'm having an issue with Google Chrome 33.0.1750.152 on Debian 7.4 x64.

A month ago or so, I noticed some odd processes running when I got home from work. I had let my brother use the computer while I was at work, so I didn't think much of it. All he does is play Minecraft and watch streams on Twitch.TV. A while later, I noticed the processes back again, so I decided to reformat, just in case. They still popped up, but only when I did things. Tonight, I noticed the processes opened when I browsed to a stream page on Twitch.TV, which I haven't done in a while.

The offenders:

speech-dispatcher -> /usr/bin/speech-dispatcher --spawn --communication-method unix_socket --socket-path /home/*/.speech-dispatcher/speechd.sock

sd_espeak -> /usr/lib/speech-dispatcher-modules/sd_espeak /etc/speech-dispatcher/modules//espeak.conf

sd_dummy -> /usr/lib/speech-dispatcher-modules/sd_dummy

I tested a few stream pages, closing and restarting Chrome, rebooting, etc...They always opened.

However, I don't know why they're opening or what purpose they serve. I tested Justin.TV to see if it happened there as well (as they're owned by the same company), and no, Justin.TV is fine.

I tested this on a different computer (Windows 7 / Chrome), nothing out of the ordinary. No new processes, no crashing upon refreshing the page.

I tried closing the processes when they opened, and I was able to do so, and they would stay closed until I browsed to another stream page.

The problem is, once I close the processes, if I try to refresh the stream page, Chrome crashes.

Before I first noticed them a month ago, they never opened on Twitch or at all. The only thing I can think of is that I've updated both Debian and Chrome since I first noticed them. I was using Debian 7.3 and the version of Chrome I'm unsure of. I believe Twitch updated their player as well, but I don't see what that has to do with it.

This isn't a huge issue if the processes are supposed to be opening and serve a valid purpose, but if they don't, I'd like to get rid of them if possible. Can someone tell me what these processes are being used for on Twitch.TV or if they're being used at all? (If this is the incorrect place to post this, please tell me and I'll post it elsewhere.)

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