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I'm having troubles to access the Router Administration Page of our D-Link DIR-600 router and this is happening for a month or so.

In this short past, I'm 100% sure I could log in it successfully as I needed to open a range of ports in order to download the new Elder Scrolls Online. But now, I can't.

Initially, with a bi of paranoia, I thought my brother changed the password to limit my bandwidth but he opened the panel in his mobile phone in front of me using the password he said it was (the default admin).

The curious thing is when he asked me what address I was accessing and I said he said he was using, but I ran a ping over this address and it's unreachable.

Is this possible?

As an additional details, just in case, I'm using a TP Link TL-WN851ND wireless adapter.

From this stack I'm now aware of the fact some routers can block access through wireless adapter, how can I explain the fact of the mobile phone access or the fact I accessed it some time ago using the same device?

In case the answer for this question is something related a specific setting, how could I revert it without a factory reset (which as weirdly as it seems, may not be working too).

As requested, the ipconfig output

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Can you edit and add the results of ipconfig /all from the command prompt? –  Paul Mar 21 at 1:10
It sounds like your not connecting to the correct network if your unable to connect to you also should not be connecting to the router over a wireless connection. –  Ramhound Mar 21 at 1:32
Connect with a cable, type ipconfig into a cmd prompt and look for the default gateway, try to connect to that address. –  MaQleod Mar 21 at 3:35
ipconfig output added, however still over wireless scenario. If I connect through cable the section Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection (Realtek) would be filled instead. Does it matter? –  Bruno Augusto Mar 21 at 22:31
Today morning I was able to login the router page using my wireless adapter. Right now, I'm unable again. It says the password is wrong, but I'm sure it's not, since it was the password I've set this morning, after reset everything. –  Bruno Augusto Mar 23 at 1:04
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Here's one possibility: You're on a different network than your brother. The router is on his network, so he can access it, but you're accessing it from "outside".

The solution is to get onto the same network. If you connect your computer via ethernet cable directly to the router, that should work.

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Right... But is there any different alternative? Because he connects his own computer using a wireless adapter too, although a USB version while mine is PCI. –  Bruno Augusto Mar 21 at 22:32
add comment is the default address. Try another web browser and make sure that antivirus is not blocking the connection.

If that does not help log-in from a device that you can use to access it. Save the settings to a file - there is option for that. Reset the router and try to access it from your machine.

You can later restore the settings from the file after the test.

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I'll try this too, at least to not have to re-set all the port forwarding rules, but the default address here was always –  Bruno Augusto Mar 22 at 0:50
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