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Laptop: Dell Inspiron B130

Current HD: Toshiba 60GB ATA-6

I would like to upgrade to a hard drive with a lot more space; at least 120GBs. What kinds are compatible with my laptop? Is there a maximum size that it can handle? Any other recommendations for upgrading my HD?

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A quick search has revealed this 160GB one.

Origin Storage 160GB INSPIRON 1300 2.5IN 5400RPM MAIN/1ST EIDE HD KIT IN

It's a UK site.

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Western Digital still makes a number of PATA drives that should suit and most resellers should be able to obtain Wide range of sizes available

CDW US has the 160GB at $64.99

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If you've got a Frys or Micro Center nearby, pull your drive, drop it in an anti-static bag and take it down to compare to the bare drives they'll have in stock. Find one with the same dimensions and see if it will be compatible with your mounting hardware (take your drive sled / check the screw holes).

You can shop online, in theory any PATA 2.5" laptop drive should work. You might find that practice is another matter, though.

Don't forget the thermal situation - if you replace a 4200rpm drive with a 7200rpm model, you'll be dumping extra heat into your laptop.

If you've got a 60GB drive now, I'd be surprised if you could buy a drive bigger than your hardware / operating system will support. The two limiting factors will be what your BIOS will let you boot from and what your operating system will support.

Speaking of operating systems - do you have restore / install discs? You'll need to either reinstall or migrate your existing installation to the new drive. You might want to pick up an external USB enclosure for your old drive, it'll make the process easier.

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