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I just did a huge full-upgrade (been a while since the last so a lot of stuff changed) and also upgraded to kernel 2.6.30.
After this I'm having some annoyances with the touchpad: the worst thing is that I can't turn it of anymore. I used to do it with a simple

synclient TouchpadOff=1

then with xinput as per this message, but then I had to tweak psmouse module as suggested in the SynapticsTouchpad Debian Wiki because the tap-click wasn't working anymore. After that I can't disable that stupid device by no means: no synclient, no xinput, no gsynaptics.

I also dislike the new pointer speed and can't tweak that either, but that's a minor annoyance since I use the touchpad only when I can't use the mouse (and the reason I want to turn it off is that I keep hitting it with my thumbs while typing).

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In lieu of fully disabling the touchpad, you could try touchfreeze, which should disable the touchpad only while you are typing. I've never tried it on Debian, but I have used it on Ubuntu it worked fairly well.

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Oh well, my mistake was trying to be too specific:

# modprobe -r psmouse

took care of the damn thing for good.

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+1 for a non "apt-get that and your problem will be solved" solution. – Hello World May 19 '14 at 15:10

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