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I am trying to use vim as the external editor for It's All Text! within Firefox. This works fine for standard http:// web pages, but when I try to use it within TiddlyWiki, 89 instances of vim are opened. I am guessing that the difference is that the TiddlyWiki page is a file on my local file system. I also created a simple html file and had the same problem. Is there a way around this problem?

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I am on Windows Vista, if that makes a difference. – The Talking Walnut Nov 20 '09 at 15:36
hmm, difficult, interesting question. I'll fave it and follow progress if you don't mind – Redandwhite Nov 20 '09 at 20:43
Also fave'd, I had the same thing happen to me on XP, but not every time. I had to kill all vim processes and restart Firefox to get my system back. – technomalogical Nov 21 '09 at 21:38
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Try the vimperator plugin for firefox. Hitting CTRL+i within a textarea form will vim start as external process. This works almost everywhere - at least where I tried.

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This doesn't really answer the question, but that does work for me and I have already been using and loving vimperator, so it accomplishes the goal of using vim as the external editor for a local html file. Thanks. – The Talking Walnut Nov 27 '09 at 6:27

It was a bug in previous versions of It's All Text!. Get the newest version; if there is still a bug, please report it via


FYI: I'm the author of "It's All Text!".

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Try pentadactyl instead of vimperator. Millions of light-years better.

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Sounds like a bug in It's All Text

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