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I have five exec() functions in my script. I want to set it up so that if a function fails to respond in a given time, the function will be killed and the next function will start its execution.

    exec("timeout 5 /usr/local/bin/wrun 'uptime;ps -elf|grep httpd|wc -l;free -m;mpstat'",$uptime);  
    exec("timeout 5 /usr/local/bin/trun 'uptime;ps -elf|grep httpd|wc -l;free -m;mpstat'",$uptime);  
    exec("timeout 5 /usr/local/bin/drun 'uptime;ps -elf|grep httpd|wc -l;free -m;mpstat'",$uptime);

In this the timeout argument is not working. Please correct this or give me an alternative method.

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your exec sysntax is wrong

string exec ( string $command [, array &$output [, int &$return_var ]] )

You have to set time limit before you begin your code, something like this



exec(" /usr/local/bin/wrun 'uptime;ps -elf|grep httpd|wc -l;free -m;mpstat'",$uptime);
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