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I've installed vimspell. It works via the command mode commands like :SpellCheck, but I can't get any of the mappings to work.

:map shows

n  \ss           <Plug>SpellCheck

This is how it's supposed to be, since \ is my key, and the macro should execute in normal mode. If I change the leader key in my .vimrc, the mappings update properly too.

For some reason, when I type \ss, it just replaces the current character with s like typing ss would, as if I didn't press \

Why might this mapping not be working?

Does anyone else use vimspell (from and have it working? or is there a better way to do spell checking in vim?

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I don't use this feature often. Maybe you could explain why the default :spell wasn't enough for you?

Regarding your problem, how did you change the leader to \? Did you follow these instructions?

There is nothing to map to <Plug>SpellCheck. The documentation indicates defining a mapping for show as <Plug>VS_showE.

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Yeah, I wasn't aware of :spell. That seems to do what I need. Thanks! – nilbus Nov 22 '09 at 14:03

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