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Is there a way that people who look at my Outlook calendar can see free-busy information from my other calendars, like iCloud, Google, etc.?

On my Mac desktop, I can link all many different calendars to the Calendar app and see all of that stuff at a glance. When I want, I can add a new calendar. And that's kind of what I'd like to do with Outlook, but -from- Outlook.

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I don't know which Outlook Version you are using but the following steps should work:

  • Go to your Google Calender Page --> Settings --> Calender --> On the right of the calender you want in Outlook, you can set the public options
  • Configure your public options
  • Copy the URL provided
  • Open the Outlook Calender
  • On the left side --> My Calenders
  • Right Click --> Add Calender --> From the Web --> Paste the given URL
  • The Calender should now show up in your Outlook

The names of the options may not be 100% accurate as I don't have an English version at hand, but you should find them along the provided path.

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Makes sense, but I can't find the way to do this on my Mac version of Outlook. – Ladlestein Mar 28 '14 at 18:20

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