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At work, I have to use an HTTP proxy to access the Internet. The proxy is set through a proxy autoconfiguration script. On top of that, I sometimes have to run a VPN to access part of our network. When I'm running the VPN, I have to go through a different HTTP proxy (and in fact use a different autoconfiguration script).

This all works fine for programs like IE which honor the windows system proxy setting. But I use some programs, maven for example, that have their own private proxy settings. It's a hassle to have to change the proxy settings for these programs depending on whether the VPN is up or not.

What I'd like to do is to run a proxy program on my PC, which relays requests based on the current system proxy settings. Programs like maven would be set to use this proxy. I've played around with Fiddler, and it can be configured to operate this way. But it's a little heavyweight for my needs.

Does anyone know of a more lightweight HTTP proxy for windows that can relay requests based on the system proxy settings?

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