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I have an HTC diamond and I’m trying to install an app which gives me 5 choices for .cab files

I think it’s one of the first two, but I’m not sure which one.

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Firstly the ones you don't want:

  • MIPS is an older type of processor that is no longer used in mobile phones.
  • SP would specify SmartPhone devices (i.e. no touchscreen but still Windows Mobile)
  • SH3 is another type of processor like MIPS that is no longer used.

And then The one you do want, (maybe):

  • ARM is the processor that almost all modern mobile phones are based on, but I'm not conviced about the difference between ARM and ARMWM. I would suspect that you want the ARMWM cab as Windows Mobile is the shell that is built around the ARM based Windows CE core so I suspect that ARM is for Windows CE without the WinMo interface...

Any info on the app and where to get it? I may be able to advise better then....

A bit more background reading on the different processor types is here.

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Most likely the

Check out if you're in the world of HTC WinMo devices.

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+1 For beating me to to the answer. – Mokubai Dec 22 '09 at 17:56

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