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I'm trying to use Remote Desktop to connect to a virtual machine (hyper-v, Windows 7 guest) from the same laptop (Windows 8 host) where the vm is running.

If there's a network connection, such as WiFi, then I can log into the VM and everything is alright.

However if there's no network then reaching the VM is impossible. I get the expected RDC error:

Remote Desktop can't find the computer "X". This might mean that "X" does not belong to the specified network. Verify the computer name and domain that you are trying to connect to.

I suspect is that, because the laptop is not connected to a network, there is no DHCP to assign an IP to the laptop nor probably the VM.

Is there a way to configure Hyper-V or RDP to allow connecting to the local VM? Perhaps something similar to fixed IPs and using a crossover ethernet cable (virtual in some way)?

Things I've tried:

  • using 'localhost' as the pc trying to remote to (not likely to work, duh)
  • changing the virtual switch settings in Hyper-V. I suppose it's mot enough, a virtual router would be needed.
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Have you tried to set the IPs manually? I didn't test it but it may help you. –  Amirreza Nasiri Mar 26 '14 at 2:15

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