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I installed Win7 by starting install from Vista OS and thought I would get the option to reformat C drive.

instead I have a Windows.old folder with all Vista files.

Is this ok or would it be best to reinstall from booting the install DVD?

I am a developer and will install alot of tools so I am wondering what i shoudl do??


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The Windows.Old folder is there so that you have your old stuff (and I think it might even let you revert to Vista, but I'm not sure about that).

Since you wanted to reformat your disk, you probably got a backup. Because you want to install a lot of tools, it would probably be best if you DO reformat your drive (after re-backing up whatever you've changed in the mean time). To do this, you need to boot from the DVD.

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I have done 4 true upgrades from Vista to Windows 7. None has a Windows.old folder. My guess is that you choose the Custom? option to have a fresh installation of Windows 7, while preserving the Vista installation in the .old folder.

Another guess, if you want to reformat, boot from the new Windows 7 DVD.

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That's by design. And it will be there when you do a clean install, without formatting the disk. Pick the files you want out of there and then delete Windows.old.

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