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I've put some files on Ubuntu One, and amongst other things I'd like to be able to synchronise it from within Emacs, and script it with Python or Bash.

Is this possible?

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Ubuntu One is built with CouchDB -- at least, that's what I gathered from this Canonical presentation. You can find out more about the Desktop CouchDB project on their Google Groups page. More specifically, here's the Google Code page for couchdb-python.

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Actually Ubuntu One has many parts and the files stored in Ubuntu One are not part of CouchDB.

Recently a REST API was created to access the files in Ubuntu One. It is documented here.

Hope this helps.

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u1sdtool, but it seems to open x11 windows for things like authentication prompts, so not entirely commandline. I'm having trouble using it over ssh, even with x11 forwarding :-/

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