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I'm using the below open DNS name servers which I got from a friend. Are they trustable?,,,,,
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Those are open DNS servers - i.e. they're on the public internet. They belong to Level 3 so are probably safe to use.

OpenDNS (note no space) is another DNS provider which has different addresses for it's public servers, which are in harrymc's post.

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According to

OpenDNS nameserver IP addresses are:

Some routers and devices need a third or fourth nameserver IP address. Use these if necessary (identical service to the original two):

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They have nothing to do with OpenDNS (see Dave Webb's post) and, since they are open recursive name servers, they should not be trusted:

  • risk of being shut down at every moment, because they can be used for amplification attacks (see RFC 5358)
  • much higher risk of poisoning through the Kaminsky weakness (since a prerequisite of the Kaminsky attack is the ability to use the name server).
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