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How can I make Firefox automatically remember all passwords without prompting?

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Hacking Firefox to Always Auto Save Password Without Showing Notification Bar:

  1. Close Firefox
  2. Edit nsLoginManagerPrompter.js with notepad which is normally located in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components\
  3. Replace the entire lines 642 to 711 with the code below:

    var pwmgr = this._pwmgr;

alt text

Now whenever you login to any website, Firefox will auto save the site, username and password to the login manager WITHOUT showing the notification bar.

Note: even when you enter the wrong username or password, it will still be saved.


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This is one reason why I'm glad it prompts me - so I can wait to say "yes" after I see that the login was correct. – Nathan Long Nov 21 '09 at 13:16
if the prompt is about "changing password", did that update it without notifications ? – user8228 Nov 21 '09 at 14:32
well, you can always delete wrong user names/passwords from the password manager. – Molly7244 Nov 21 '09 at 14:53
@Molly, but that is more of a pain, than dealing with the occasional pop-down notification. – Urda Feb 15 '10 at 17:19

Looks like this site here has the answer you are lookin' for here

It states that you must have all instances of Firefox closed, navigate to the "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components\" directory, open up nsLoginManager.js and comment out lines 112 and 121

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for firefox 4 -extract omni.jar located on the firefox folder and then open the components folder -edit what you need -then compress it, using zip format or it will not work, and name it omni.jar -note: dont compress the folder "omni" compress whats inside the folder -replace your omni.jar with the one in the firefox folder

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This DOES still work in Firefox 3.6 - 4.0+, it's just not in the same place as shown in the picture.

Using Firefox 4.0:

Edit nsLoginManagerPrompter.js which is normally located in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components\.

Replace the code from lines 800 - 869 with:

var pwmgr = this._pwmgr; pwmgr.addLogin(aLogin);

Save and replace original file.

Et voila!

Saves passwords and doesn't prompt.

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On a mac FF3.6, the edits are made in:

  • In the finder, go to the Applications folder
  • Firefox (right click and select "show package contents")
  • Navigate to Contents > MacOS > components
  • The file has the same name: nsLoginManagerPrompter.js
  • MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF THIS FILE! But you knew that :-)
  • Edit lines 815 through the end of the function - 850.

Here's my change complete - which make the end line 854.

        var pwmgr = this._pwmgr;

    // phil

    /* phil
    var buttons = [
        // "Remember" button
            label:     rememberButtonText,
            accessKey: rememberButtonAccessKey,
            popup:     null,
            callback: function(aNotificationBar, aButton) {

        // "Never for this site" button
            label:     neverButtonText,
            accessKey: neverButtonAccessKey,
            popup:     null,
            callback: function(aNotificationBar, aButton) {
                pwmgr.setLoginSavingEnabled(aLogin.hostname, false);

        // "Not now" button
            label:     notNowButtonText,
            accessKey: notNowButtonAccessKey,
            popup:     null,
            callback:  function() { /* NOP * / } 

    this._showLoginNotification(aNotifyBox, "password-save",
         notificationText, buttons);

I kept everything but commented out what I didn't want, and added the pwmgr.addLogin(aLogin) line.

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