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Is there a way to change the Ctrl+V command in Calc to paste unformatted text?

There is Ctrl + Shift + V, which puts up a dialog. But that is too much work. I just want to change the default Ctrl+V behaviour.

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bak = %clipboard%
clipboard = %bak%
Send ^v

That would replace Control-Shift-V with an "unformatted" paste, globally.

If you wanted it OOo Calc only, you'd do something like:

#IfWinActive, ahk_class [something]
bak = %clipboard%
clipboard = %bak%
Send ^v

Where [something] is the window's Class name, which you could easily find out with AHK's bundled Window Spy. (This one would actually replace Control-V (^ means control, + means shift), but doing that systemwide is a bad idea)

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Why complicate things? A simpler way to paste Unformated Text with Ccontrol V is simply to record a macro (paste icon in top icon menu) where you manually paste unformated text. Next go to Tools, Adjust and select category macro, your macto, and the control-v option.


Everytime you now use ctrl-v your text is pasted unformated.

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