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I have two servers, SERVER and CLIENT and each server has its own onboard 1 GbE ports, and its own NIC with a 10 GbE port. SERVER and CLIENT are interconnected on both a 1 GbE switch (administrative traffic) and a 10 GbE switch (data traffic).

I want to test the performance of the 10 gigabit connection specifically using netperf. How I specify to use the 10 GbE NIC ports instead of the 1 GbE onboard ports for the test?

Right now this is what I'm doing:

root@SERVER:~$ netserver
Starting netserver at port 12865
Starting netserver at hostname port 12865 and family AF_UNSPEC

root@CLIENT:~$ netperf -H SERVER -l 15
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If netperf doesn't support selecting the NIC to test, you could consider changing the metric of the route you want to use. – neocrow Mar 28 '14 at 7:49
I that did help, please comment here and I'll write an answer that hopefully will also help other people. – neocrow Mar 28 '14 at 22:00
Could you elaborate a bit on "changing the metric of the route you want to use"? I have figured out 50% of how to do this through netperf. On the server side, I assign static IPs to the 10 GbE interfaces as follows: ifconfig eth2 and ifconfig eth3 and then start separate netserver tasks for each port as follows: netserver -L and netserver -L But I haven't figured out what to do on the client side as any IP address assigned to individual interfaces should be resolved locally to in the TCP/IP stack. – elleciel Mar 28 '14 at 22:08

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