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I'm trying to use Tor as standalone socks server available for whole local network.

I've set up connection in my torcc file as follows:

#listen on all IPs
SocksPort 9150

I run the Tor using following windows command:

App\tor.exe -f .\Data\Tor\torrc

This is how I configured Firefox proxy settings for Tor on my PC (on others computers, I entered my local IP address):

The firefox proxy settings

On my PC it works, but no remote PC can connect. NMap says that the port is "FILTERED".

I confirmed the firewall dialog that popped up the first time I ran the server, saying "Allow". I also manually added exceptions for port 9150 in firewall settings.

Anything else I can do?

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can you telnet to the port from another host? what does this return in powershell as admin (run on the server)? netstat -abno | findstr 9150 –  Frank Thomas Mar 28 at 16:38
also just a recommendation, Safeplug is the best way to run tor for a whole network, as it doesn't live or die by client proxy configuration. pogoplug.com/safeplug Proxy leakage is the biggest vulnerability for tor, and its really really hard to be sure that you aren't leaking somthing (especially DNS queries which give away what you are doing). –  Frank Thomas Mar 28 at 16:41

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