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Is there a tool that allows me to compile lists of images under different columns or something, and then I can hit "Run" and it will create new images that are the result of layering one image from each column?

For example, suppose I have 3 columns like this:

body      face1      hair1
          face2      hair2

I would arrange it like this, and then it will create the following combinations of images:


I've written a command-line tool that somewhat does this with separate folders to represent each "column" but it would be great if I could just drop images into columns, move them around if needed, and potentially see all of the combinations before writing them out.

It would be nice if I could specify how many columns I need, if my composites are complex with many layers.

It is something that I plan to write since I find myself needing this kind of tool from time to time but if there is already an existing tool that would save a lot of time.

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