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I am new to powershell. I need to copy the whole folder structure from source to destination with filenames matching a pattern. I am doing the following. But it just copies the content in the root directory. For example


does not get copied.

Here is my sequence of commands.

PS F:\Tools> $source="E:\Workflow"
PS F:\Tools> $destination="E:\3.30"
PS F:\Tools> $filter = [regex] "3.30.xml"
PS F:\Tools> $bin = Get-ChildItem -Path $source | Where-Object {$_.Name -match $filter}
PS F:\Tools> foreach ($item in $bin) {Copy-Item -Path $item.FullName -Destination $destination}
PS F:\Tools> foreach ($item in $bin) {Copy-Item -Path $item.FullName -Destination $destination -recurse}
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