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Is it possible to perform sector by sector copy of one TrueCrypt non-system volume to another? As I see, the clone software (Maxtor MaxBlast) does not recognize the mounted disks as the suitable ones. The problem is that I have many small files and it looks like general copy will last forever/

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Are the two drives exactly the same size? Are you making an exact copy of one drive onto another one? – Marcin Nov 22 '09 at 6:11
Not actually, but all clone software I used before allowed size difference. Anyway, if I find the answer for the sames size drives, this will be already great – Maksee Nov 22 '09 at 10:42
It will work if the destination drive is equal to or larger than the source drive, but the TrueCrypt volume will still be the same size as the original, with any remaining drive space being wasted. – user89061 Jul 14 '11 at 18:12

If you're on linux you could do something like dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sdc.

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