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I need help in installing a new graphic card, My machine is Optiplex 755 with 4 GB ram 2.8GHz, 8 MB cache, Core 2 duo Processor. Recently I bought GIGABITE R7 250 Graphic card. Its power by ATI RADEON R7 series.

While installing the driver from the driver CD which is provided with the card, I faced an error of Blue screen of death, which comes when setup starts to detect the card on my computer.

I searched a little on internet and found a help on this web link,

Why does ATI 5570 HD video card driver installation cause Windows 7 To Blue Screen?

To change a value in config file of the setup. I did that and setup get installed, but with out a Video Driver. At the end of setups the logs says, failed to install video driver. I am not sure what that config file change did, but my best guess is it overrides the hardware detection process.

Now does any one out there faced the same problem, Please need help to resolve this issue, I have installed windows 7 64 BIT OS. Hope this wont be a problem of OS.

Any information required, plz let me know.

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Are you installing a 64bit driver? –  joeqwerty Mar 30 '14 at 15:42

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