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I use the master password feature of Firefox, and I also use SSH keys to login to a bunch of UNIX machines. For SSH, there is a very useful application called ssh-agent that runs in the background knowing the required information about unlocking the key so you don't have to type the question every single time you want to connect.

I open and close Firefox a lot, so I was curious, is there a way to have Firefox run in the background (preferrably doing nothing, but the whole process would be fine I guess as well) so that I don't have to type my master password every single time I open Firefox?


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I'm not sure this is the ideal solution, but you could use MinimizeToTray Revived and set it up so it minimizes Firefox to the tray instead of closing it, even if you use the Close icon in the title bar.

alt text

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I just tried that extension and I realized after I had installed it that there is no such thing as "minimize" in my window manager because it's a tiling window manager... Thanks, though! – BCable Nov 22 '09 at 23:12

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