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I have a file with 4 columns and over 7000 rows. The columns are formatted as Number or Geral.

But I'm using a plugging for php (SimpleXLSX) to read the xlsx file and create queries to insert into a database.

My problem is that when I have numbers like 810001001101114 in the number column and my php file read it, the output is: 81000100110111E+14.

When I format the column to Text the value becomes 8,10001E+14 (it reads 81000100110111E+14 by my php). After I edit the cell (F2), it comes back to 810001001101114 text.

But I can't edit every single cell by hand. Is there a way to edit all cells by their same value or convert number cell to text cell without changing the output?

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I need them as string. not int – Michel Ayres Mar 31 '14 at 15:28
Have you tried formatting the cells with a Special Format? Something like 000000000000000 – user304064 Mar 31 '14 at 18:27

Ok, somehow I got this...

I created another column and typed =TEXT(A1;"0") in the first cell of the new column. Replicate to all rows of that column this formula. Selected the column, Selected the Copy Values option and pasted the data in the original column.

After that, I just deleted the column that I created.

PS: The new column must be Text value to avoid any issues.

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