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I'm trying to get to Hulu from Canada and doing it via a SOCKS SSH tunnel does not work. How can I set up a VPN or something else with my servers in the US to gain access to hulu?


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I find OpenVPN very easy to use (it can even be setup as a server on routers with custom firmware, like tomato) and it also has Windows client if you need it.

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For watching video, you probably need the quality of a commercial provider.

Here's is A List of VPN Service Providers.

The cheapest of the lot, YourPrivateVPN, offers as its most basic offering "VPN Silver", with server location in NL & USA, speed a respectful 2000 kbps, as well as unlimited monthly transfer.

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What you want is something called a ProxyServer. Wingate is a nice one. What it does is redirects all http directly from their ip to your ip. basicly a relay station. i use it all the time to watch hulu or to watch megavideo after the 72 mins are up.

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