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All the guides I've found online start with "go to the Tools menu". My problem is that Outlook 2013 will not start at all because it gets stuck at start-up while it tries to load the TeamViewer add-in.

How can I disable the TeamViewer add-in?

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I don't have a windows machine in front of me, but if I remember correctly the add-ons are installed in the folder C:\Users\fardelian\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns. Of course fardelian should be the actual username. You can move/delete an add-ons from there to try to disable it. – Saaru Lindestøkke Apr 1 '14 at 17:52
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you can change the TeamViewer settings to disable the TeamViewer's Outlook addin. Go to options, advance, then disable outlook addin near the bottom of the list.

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This doesn't seem to be available anymore in TeamViewer 10. – Peter Sep 8 '15 at 12:33

Start outlook in safe mode: outlook.exe /safe

If you are having problems with a Microsoft Office program, you may be able to use User-Initiated Safe mode to make it possible to run the program.

More info on Office's SafeMode here

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I read alternatives about running outlook as administrator. The shortcut I had on my taskbar was not a shortcut to Outlook its self, but some meta-information about it. Eventually I found the OUTLOOK.EXE file somewhere in C:\Program Files and rick-clicked it and ran it as administrator. That immediately found and disabled the culprit, without even asking me. I assume this is similar to running it in safe mode.

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I've found that if you wait awhile, it will figure out that they're not responding even in user mode at startup. – Brian Knoblauch Apr 1 '14 at 20:23
I personally wouldn't do this - if it was an actually malicious addin (as opposed to a crashing addin by a legitimate company), it's possible that it would have used those administrator privileges to further compromise your system. – Riking Apr 1 '14 at 22:29

You can rename the TeamViewer add-in files and Outlook will load and show it as inactive. Go to: Program Files (or Program Files (x86))\TeamViewer\Version9\outlook

There are four files in this folder and three of the names start with "TeamViewerMeetingAddIn"
I renamed these by putting 1 as the first character, "1TeamViewerMeetingAddIn"
When I restarted Outlook it loaded up with no problem.

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