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I'm using Vmware (vmplayer 3.0.0 build-197124 on Vista Home Premium). Where can I download the Vmware tools for Windows 2000 ? vmplayer automatically downloads from the internet but I want to install it on multiple machine.

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I have looked but it doesn't seem as if you can.

Your best bet will be to download a trial of Vmware Workstation (with a similar date - if using old version of player, go for Workstation 6.0~, not sure 7 will work) and expand it, or install inside a VM (On a copy, not your main VM) then take a copy of (or a combination of) the following files:


  • win.iso

  • freebsd.iso

  • linux.iso

  • netware.iso

  • solaris.iso

  • windows.iso

  • winPre2k.iso

Then, simply mount and install within player.

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File->preferences in the preferences menu click 'download all components now' That gets all of the VMware tools iso files.

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Simply, you could just install the Tools using VM > Install VMware tools if you hate complex stuff.

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You'll find instructions for getting the VMWare Tools here or here.

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