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I was given a 500GB HDD (~200GB used) that was starting to fail (OS X wouldn't boot because it failed boot-time checks). I used 2 USB enclosures and Data Rescue 3 to clone the failing disk to a brand new 500GB HDD.

Unfortunately, around 99.6% of the way through cloning the bad drive, it seemed to fail. Processing the first 96% of the drive in 5 hours the last 3.6% had taken 12 and the number of failed sectors was starting to accumulate quicker and quicker. I believe it finished copying Macintosh HD before it got to the Recovery HD partition.

The failing drive has 3 partitions (EFI, Macintosh HD and Recovery HD) and all 3 show up in TestDisk's "Analyse" feature--however Macintosh HD is now called Customer for some reason: TestDisk

Mac doesn't recognize the partitions however: enter image description here

I'm not sure if it is relevant but I did a deep scan with Data Rescue 3 and it found all of the files on the disk.

How can I fix this drive so that I can put it back in the laptop and boot off of it again?

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