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I have a DELL XPS Laptop. It has 3 audio ports:

  1. 1 microphone output
  2. 1 Headphones Output
  3. 1 S/P DIF output.

*I'm not using Microphone, so that port is not being used by anything / no wires to

*I've connected the headphones jack to a normal speakers (powered by USB). These speakers have only 2 wires: One for connecting to a headphone jack, and another is a USB plug for power input. They're normal PC speakers, I don't know how to define then in a more specific manner.

To the S/P DIF, I've connected my external speakers using an Amplifier. These speakers are in another room, and the amplifier is placed in my room. 1 Wire connects the speaker and the amplifier, and another wire connects the Amplifier and the Laptop (S/P DIF output)

Question: What is S/P DIF? And how can I control the output on windows?

Currently I'm using the Amplifier Controls to lower down the volume or mute the external speakers of the other room. I tried search for a way to do this via the laptop (windows 7) but couldn't find anything that lets me control the audio output of the S/P DIF. I couldn't also find what the S/P DIF means...

My System Configuration is as follows:


Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) Service Pack 1

Audio Drivers: Realtek High Definition Audio

I'm looking for any application or a feature in Windows or DELL that could control output of the S/P DIF port.

Here's an image of what the ports look like on the DELL Laptop. (This is not my laptop, but some other laptop, image from google)

DELL Audio Ports including S/P DIF

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