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When i save my word-document as pdf, the word document changes.

The changes which happen are:

insertion of an extra table, and change in margin on that same page.

  • The pdf looks like the word document as it looks after I have saved it as a pdf.
  • The word-document is in .docx-format but the same thing happens if i first save it as .doc-format, and then try to save as pdf.
  • This only happens with this particular word document.

This is what the document looks like before I save as pdf: enter image description here

This is what the document looks like after I've saved as a pdf:

enter image description here

The difference is that a table is inserted in the word-document, after it has been saved as pdf.

Any ideas?

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Can you share the document somewhere for testing? – Adam Apr 8 '14 at 2:31

convert it using some word to pdf converter. The built in converter of Microsoft Word is not working properly for some documents (I experienced some issues). You can use free converter doPDF downloadable from After installing this will adds a printer to your printers list. So you simply print your document and your pdf is ready.

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