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I always been using && but just saw someone uses ;.
What is the difference? When should I use ; or &&?

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There seems to be a big confusion here. ; and && are not equivalent. Please add the example where you saw this, it must make sense in the context of the problem – SuvP Apr 7 '14 at 7:12
duplicate of – Jasper Apr 7 '14 at 7:52
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The basic difference is that all commands separated by ; would be executed whereas when commands are separated by && then the subsequent command would be executed only if the previous exited with a return code of 0.

As such, when you say:

command1; command2; command3

the shell executes command1, then command2 and when the latter is also complete command3.

On the other hand,

command1 && command2 && command3

causes command1 to be executed. If it is successful, i.e. it exits with a return code of 0, then command2 is executed. Similarly, command3 is executed if the previous command executed successfully.

The latter construct is useful when you want to execute commands conditionally.

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