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I have a HDSP9652 multichannel audio card connected to two ferrofish A16 ADAT-to-analog audio breakout boxes, all this is running headless under Ubuntu 13.10, Linux kernel 3.11.

Using jackd 0.122, I am presented 26 nice, single outputs:

$ jack_lsp

to which I can easily pipe audio. But the audio sometimes gets stuck for a fraction of a second, which, bviously, bothers me.

I start jackd with the ALSA backend (saying that ALSA has recognized the card and is capable of using it):

$ /usr/bin/jackd --realtime --nozombies --verbose -d alsa --playback --rate 48000 --softmode

I am now trying to get the card's 24 (two of them are unused SP/DIF outputs) outputs directly from ALSA, so that I can (in theory) do something like

$ mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=0.17 /my/dir/some.ogg

to play some tunes directly on output 18 (and, of course, at the same time others on other outputs).

I assume I must somehow forge my own asoundrc for this, but for the love of music I can't get a grasp of the format. Could someone point out to me how to use single, mono outputs directly from ALSA on a multichannel cards, please?

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