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I have gpg-agent running with a cached passphrase for an hour or so. I encrypt my email account passwords for offlineimap IMAP sync utility and have the script pass in the passwords by decrypting them from a GPG-encrypted file.

Since I run offlineimap with systemd as it is a cron job, it will naturally pop-up a pinentry program and ask for the password. I was wondering is there a way to programtically confirm if gpg-agent will need a passphrase so I can query for the information, and gracefully exit the systemd/cron job if interactive passphrase input is required.

Has anyone done this before?

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This seems relevant:… – demure Mar 18 at 14:08

I don't know for sure, but I wonder if it is sensible to have such an option because it could easily misused like:

if gpg_ready_to_work_without_pinentry; then

and you'd not have any chance to detect a misuse. (In fact I even don't like that every program in my login session has access to my possibly unlocked key without a way to check if it's unlocked or not. I found your question on the search for an option to gpg-agent to pop up a confirmation dialog for each usage exactly for this reason.)

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