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I am re-asking this question on behalf of ECII who originally asked it on stackoverflow but which got shut down:

The problem is as follows:

Ubuntu 12.04 machines are getting their installation of R automatically updated to 3.1.0 beta (2014-03-28 r65330), even without nightly repos, e.g. precise . This is a major problem for me as it means all the packages are now broken and I cannot install any new packages via install.packages. What is going on?

Why did that happen? R 3.1 is not even released? Is it a CRAN bug?

P.s. even the workarounds do not seem to work - e.g.

apt-cache showpkg r-base 
sudo apt-get install -f r-base-core=3.0.3-1precise0 - correct version
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Apparently its a human error.

I have found no workaround.

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I haven't been able to downgrade to any 3.0.x rev and reliably install all the packages in r-recommended. It looks like they have decided to punt since R 3.1 is released tomorrow:

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