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In windows 8.1 and below, the mouse would seamlessly move through all my monitors.

However, in windows 8.1 update 1 the mouse needs to be going at a certain speed before it goes to a different monitor. How do I disable this?

A google search has turned up nothing, so I'm not sure what exactly is going on

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Downvote for no evident research effort. –  TorpedoBench Apr 8 at 23:42
@TorpedoBench what do you want me to say. I have researched it but nothing showed up. Windows 8.1 was released hours ago so there won't be anything that shows up soon. As long as it hasn't been asked on SU before it's encouraged to ask - google has to index something and it might as well be SO. –  Chipperyman Apr 8 at 23:44
Things like links to other forums or discussion sites showing that others are experiencing the same event you are. Hours is enough time for things like this to start cropping up. Without knowing if other users are experiencing this, it could be something on your end. –  TorpedoBench Apr 8 at 23:48
@TorpedoBench Either way, it's encouraged to ask questions if it's not on SO it's encouraged to be ask. Furthermore, there's nothing that comes up so I can't link to anything. My brother is also experiencing it so I assume it's not specific to me. –  Chipperyman Apr 8 at 23:49
That's not what I'm questioning. I'm citing the lack of research beyond Stack Exchange. Even a simple statement like "A google search has turned up nothing, so I'm not sure what exactly is going on" would make me retract my vote. That's why I said no /evident/ research effort. –  TorpedoBench Apr 8 at 23:51

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While some reported that this problem disappeared after changing seemingly unrelated windows settings (such as the "Show taskbar on all displays"), none of this worked for me.

However, after changing the registry value

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\MouseMonitorEscapeSpeed

from it's default value (0 on Win 8.1 Pro build 9600) to 1 and rebooting the "sticky edges bug/feature" seems to be gone.

There is also MouseCornerClipLength in the same location which might be of interest if you want to disable the sticky corners too (set it to 0 in that case).

EDIT After changing MouseMonitorEscapeSpeed back to 0 the problem appeared again after hibernation. Value 1 seems to disable sticky monitor edges without any side effects.

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Re: Setting MouseMonitorEscapeSpeed to 1 - I've noticed that upon immediate boot up, the sticky edges may still be there. If you wait 1-2 minutes, it then stops. –  Spongeboy Aug 12 at 23:19
@TorpedoBench No longer works with new Windows 8.1 updates and Windows 10. See my solution below. –  Jason Stevenson Nov 15 at 0:49

Found a way to fix it for my self. Un-check this box: Right click task bar > Properties > Task bar Tab Once un-checked hit apply, then you can re-check it and hit apply again and the mouse should no longer get stuck.

enter image description here

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I need the taskbar on all my displays though –  Chipperyman Apr 11 at 17:38
@Chipperyman - turning it off and on seems to disable it for that session. Though this is likely a bug, and may be fixed by MS at some stage. –  Spongeboy Aug 12 at 23:17

The selected answer no longer solves the issue on the most recent Windows 8.1 updates, or in Windows 10.

To properly solve this issue in later Windows versions you must edit this key here, changing the value from 0 to 1:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\MouseMonitorEscapeSpeed

And you must also add a missing key to the following location:


Create a DWORD value MouseMonitorEscapeSpeed set to 1

Finally you must kill the Explorer.exe process from task manager, and then re-launch it; alternatively you could restart your PC for the change to take affect.

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