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My aim is to ssh to a machine running openssh server, and I want this connection be through a socks proxy made by tor. I've been searching and can only find how to configure ssh to create a socks proxy. Luckily I found this which provides the simpple solution:

ssh -o ProxyCommand='nc -x myproxyserver.example.com:1080 %h %p' \ targetsshserver.example.com

I configured Tor with socks HOST and port 9150 so I replaced "myproxyserver.example.com:1080" with "". And "targetsshserver.example.com" with my server ip address which runs openssh. After entering the command I get this:

ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

I can connect with my server fine with just normal "ssh targetsshserver.example.com".

Do I need to do some configurations on my server machine running the opsnssh server? Obviously I'm missing something here. Thanks

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