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Why do I get only "cat" when I run

awk 'BEGIN {
  animal[three] = "hen"
  animal[two]   = "dog"
  animal[one]   = "cat"
  for (var in animal) {
    print animal[var]


Shouldn't it print "hen", "dog" and "cat"?

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Missing a ' at the end of the code. – fedorqui Apr 10 '14 at 8:28

Indices to awk arrays can either be numeric (as in a traditional array) or strings (an associative array). So you can either do

animal[1] = "cat"


animal["one"] = cat

However, if you do

animal[one] = cat

awk will try to find a variable called 'one', fail, and effectively do this:

animal[""] = cat

So in your program, all three animals are assigned to animal[""], so you end up with only one element in your array.

If you put one, two and three in quotes, your code will work as you expect.

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Good one! You can also indicate by printing print animal[var], "-"var"-". var is empty, - to show where it starts and where it ends. – fedorqui Apr 10 '14 at 8:29

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