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Is there a way to fold/unfold a selected block of code in notepad++? I am aware of the shortcuts alt0 and altshift0 (Fold/unfold all), but this is not what I am looking for.

I usually start by folding all the code and then unfolding a particular method. In this scenario the individual fold/unfold shortcuts (ctrlaltf OR ctrlaltshiftf) does not come in handy, as it only works on the current (outermost) block, leaving the inner blocks folded...

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There is no keyboard command that I know of, but you can use the mouse. Ctrl+click on the [+] in the left margin, and Notepad++ will expand/unfold/uncollapse that block and all its subblocks.

Conversely, Ctrl+click on a [-], and it will fold/collapse that block and all its subblocks. Real intuitive, huh?

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