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I heard that if you have Mac software then you can download the tools to program the iPod touch/iPhone for free and use them. Which Mac software do you need? I know it works on Snow Leopard. What about Tiger?

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@Kronos OS X questions that are purely about software should not contain the "mac" tag. Please remove them during cleanup if you happen to see them. Cheers! – slhck Jun 26 '12 at 20:48
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iPhone SDK 3.1.2 includes the Xcode IDE, iPhone simulator, and a suite of additional tools for developing applications for iPhone and iPod touch.

Apple currently has a version of the iPhone SDK 3.1.2 available for both Leopard and Snow Leopard. This information can be found at - you can download the SDK here *in order to test the apps or put them on the store you will then need to purchase a developer license for $99. The process is simple but you can log in right now and take a look around for more information directly from the source.

Hope this helps, Matthew

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Tiger predates the iPod Touch's existence, so it's not going to work. 10.5 or later is required

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