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So I am trying to make a bashscript, which does the above mentioned. Background is that I have to keep an eye on lots of logs, and theres have to have opened many console side-by-side. E.g. one terminal in the left half of my primary monitor, one on the right have, and one terminal on the top half of my second monitor and one on the lower half of my second.

I am using Xubuntu (Xfce, Xfwm) and I realized I could access the xfce4-terminal via /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator. This does have --window and --tab options, but I can not get the following to work, as example: Create two new terminal windows, with each having two tabs open.

Also I see that I can remove a terminal via wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -e 1,0,0,683,768, but how can I give that command to a newly created terminal? And how can I move it to my second monitor, without having to calculate the widh of both monitors by hand?

And last but not least, how could I tell a newly opened terminal(-tab) to run a specific command, e.g. a tail on a logfile?

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