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At home I have a Dlink DAP-1525 Wi-Fi extender which I have been using as a bridge to my desktop. The extender and the desktop are located in my office and they are connected via an Ethernet cable.

Recently I changed ISP, they provided me with a new router (Netgear CG3100D-2 BPAUS). I used my laptop to setup this router, using the disk provided (used all default values).

When I use WAP to connect my extender to the new router a connection is made and my desktop is able to access the internet. However, every other device in the house loses the ability to connect to the Wi-Fi (however it is still visible in available connections).

Previously the extender was connected to my old Belkin N300, which worked perfectly just using WAP.

Is this a compatibility issue? or is there some conflict of addresses that is causing this that can be easily fixed?

Thanks in advance for any advice

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