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In my university I get key from Windows 7. As I know it is from Dreamspark. But I got no Windows 7 image. I mean, I can get it in university but I tought that maybe I can download it by myself?

I know that it's for the proffesional version.

I found this version. Would it fit?


UPD Is anybody here who used Dreamspark Windows?

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As long as your key is for the Professional then that image would indeed work assuming its actually legitimate –  Ramhound Apr 12 at 18:17
@Ramhound it's original MSDN image as far as I know –  Danil Gholtsman Apr 12 at 18:18

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It might or might not. It depends on what kind of key you have. Is it an OEM key, Volume licenced key, etc...

You need to have the right version to make it work. They likely use a volume licenced version, and this is not that, so it probably is not going to work, but again, that is purely speculation.

At this point, either ask at your university, or just try and install it and see if it accepts the key. If you don't want to ruin your install until you are sure, use a Virtual Machine such as Oracle Virtual Box.

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well, i found two versions this 7601.17514.101119-1850_x64fre_professional_ru-ru_VL_UPG_OEM_Professional-GRMCPR‌​XVCCP_RU_DVD.iso –  Danil Gholtsman Apr 12 at 18:41
and that 7601.17514.101119-1850_x64fre_professional_ru-ru_VL_OEM_Professional-GRMCPRXVOL‌​_RU_DVD.iso –  Danil Gholtsman Apr 12 at 18:41
which one do you think would fit? –  Danil Gholtsman Apr 12 at 18:42
As I said before, its all speculation. I'm affraid you either have to ask the university for the specific version or try them all. –  LPChip Apr 12 at 19:34
I asked and they give me that name ru_windows_7_professional_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677024 –  Danil Gholtsman Apr 12 at 20:11

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