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Windows 8 32 bit OS running on my AMD 64 bit processor with 4GB RAM many a times hangs or restarts probably after certain level of RAM usage. Is there a way to limit RAM usage upto a certain value ? Another OS Ubuntu installed on the same machine never shows these problems however installed ubuntu is 64 OS. The Windows also runs fine with 2GB of RAM(when one of my two memory slot is freed of 2GB memory stick).

I am unable to upgrade this 32 bit windows to 64 bit one, as I cannot do a clean install, & upgrades from 32 bit to 64 bit are not possible.

Is there a way to limit RAM usage in Windows so that I never reach that problematic limit?

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You should check your memory sticks using a program like Memtest86+. While you can limit the amount of memory available, that's not guaranteed to "fix" the issue. –  and31415 Apr 13 at 17:37
you should first posts some RAMMap pictures which shows a lot of details about current RAM usage. –  magicandre1981 Apr 13 at 18:12

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